Professional Translator

Our agency has carved out a position for itself in the realm of competent and cost-effective services. Since 2013, we have provided with professional and free translation services for numerous languages. We have a basic online language translator on the page that helps to translate to English from a range of languages such as Spanish, French, German, Turkish, Arabic, Hindi, Tagalog and Chinese. Despite the fact that this online tool is the most accurate translator with text to speech (TTS) in the market, we would like to underline that it cannot replace a professional completely - it manages to convey a basic idea and sense of what is meant in the original language, but not all the all fine nuances of the text fully. In that case, we offer you professional services by experts in the areas of the languages concerned. We assure you that the end result of our enterprised solutions will be both in excellent quality and reasonably priced.

We have native document translators and proofreaders on board who are adept at translating and proofreading while keeping the nuances of the language in mind. They have, without exception, significant knowledge of their native languages as well as the languages they translate to. For instance; if it requires translation from English to Spanish, it will be allocated to one of our local specialists. They are done keeping in mind the cultural sensitivities of the both languages.

Besides being experts in the languages concerned, they are also experts in various subjects. Your document could be on any subject; be it sociology, physics, astronomy, economics, law, medicine, engineering, or history. Our experts are bound to give you satisfactory results. So, whatever the subject of the document that you need to get translated or proofread, you can be certain that the end product will be of uniformly high quality.

Brochures, manuals, project reports, novels, birth certificates, contracts, and other projects are among our areas of competence for specialised assistance. Besides these, we also undertake academic articles and theses that we assure you will be competently translated and proofread from the source language to the target language. The translated work is also edited and proofread by our staff, so the final document that you get in hand is sure to be of uncompromising quality and with no mistakes.

In addition to machine-based free translator tools, the following are some of the expert services we do offer:

Business translation

In today's globalized world, businesses often have to deal with clients or partners who speak different languages. This can be a significant obstacle, especially when it comes to business documents, such as financial statements, contracts, agreements, or proposals. However, with the help of an English translator, businesses can easily overcome this challenge ensuring that all parties involved understand the content. This can help businesses to establish trust and build strong relationships with their clients or partners.

Financial translation

It is of no doubt that finances rule the global economy. It has found a way of intermeddling with worldwide financial practices. This is an aspect of translation that is concerned with translating financial materials such as insurance materials, financial reports, auditing reports, and more from one language to another target language.

Web Site translation

Are you a website or blog operator? Do you know that your web content can be viewed by millions of varying language speakers? Yes, with the aid of proper web site translation services, this is absolutely possible. It involves the conversion of web pages and contents from one language to another.

Academic translation

Perhaps one of the greatest things happening in the 21st century is the intercommunication of ideas and knowledge. A facilitating factor of this feat is the advent of academic translation. This field has to do with the translation of academic text, study materials and vital journals from one language to another.

Medical translation

Are you a medical practitioner or an expert in the medical field? Do you know that medical practitioners have found a way of extending their invaluable services to numerous language speakers? This is a result of the trend in the medical area.

Incredibly, this trend has gotten very positive reviews in the medical field as medical services are now extended to various communities regardless of language barriers. Practitioners are now expanding their reputation across boundaries.

Legal translation

Are you in need of a competent legal translation company? Suppose you got involved in a bad incident out of your home country, and you found a car accident attorney near you, but all your documents need to be translated. Then you are in the right place. Our professionals are dedicated to giving your legal documents effective and quality services. With a team of legal translators who understand the workings of various legal systems, quality assurance policies, adequate revisions, and timely delivery policies, you are bound to get your money’s worth.

Technical translation

It takes more than interpretation to create technical texts that the target audience will appreciate. It has to do with technical documents, advanced texts and terminologies from one language to another. More than just any regular area of translation, it demands an in depth understanding of and relationship with the source materials.

Literary translation

The practice of translating literary works from one language to another has been around for a long time. It is no longer a surprise that a prose, poem, drama would exist in more than one language. This has been made possibly with the utilisation of that.

As Transfree, we assure you of timely turnaround with the quality of language translation and proofreading services we provide, so there need be no worry about the finished product in any way, be it content or time taken or the accuracy therein. We understand how important it is for our clients to get their documents delivered in time and we are, therefore, mindful of meeting deadlines our customers set for us.

We do offer all the benefits mentioned above at a price that is competitive with the other agencies in the industry. We assure you that once you have availed of our document translation at high quality and reasonable costs, you will always stay with us.