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About Us

As Transfree Co.,Ltd, we are a UK-based translation agency providing professional translation services as well as machine translation services. We focus on translations for the medical, business, marketing and virtually any other industries in need of our services. Our specialization, comprehensive management and customer orientated services expand our brand and have assisted us in earning the confidence of professionals across the globe since the year of 2009.

Our professional services cater to both individuals and corporate companies in need of fast and accurate professional translation services. From medical professionals to engineering experts, our full range of translation services foster transparent communication amongst leading business professionals.

Apart from translation services, we also offer editing and proofreading of your documents. Our associates are experts in the field with years of professional capability under their belt. All the work undertaken by us passes through their stringent scrutiny and is not delivered to the client till it gets their go-ahead. Whether it is a single-page document or an entire book, all work undertaken by us gets the same attention.

Professionals working with us are knowledgeable about the subjects they undertake to translate or edit. Our associates come from various fields that are as diverse as medicine, technical studies, engineering, law, pharmaceutical, economics, anthropology and other subjects. This ensures that the translation and editing jobs entrusted to us stay true to spirit even in their translated versions. Once the job is entrusted to us, the clients need not be concerned about the end product.

We are aware of the tight deadline and schedules of our customers. We run a tight-knit ship in our agency where each member is aware of time constraints and ensures time guarantees are met. This, of course, does not mean sacrificing on the quality of delivered work.

Our pricing meets the best in the industry. We are mindful of the cost concerns of our customers and have priced our services accordingly and offer them high quality yet cost-effective and professional translation, editing and proofreading services. We can guarantee that once our services have been made use of, customers will stay loyal to us.